Freelancing 3D-Generalist

My name is Minh Duong. I live in Germany and I'm a 3D-Artist since 2002. My primary 3D Software was 3DS Max from the beginning of my carrer until I switched to Blender 2016. But I still can switch back to 3DS Max whenever I need to. Companys have already hired me for different type of 3D services. I'm a specialist in creating realtime assets and implementation in Unity, Unreal or other realtime engines no matter if it's for video games, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, realtime simulations and etc... . I have already worked with clients on some awarded video game and VR projects. But Realtime is not my only talent. I'm also skilled in non-realtime workflow and I have done several VFX projects before so if you want me to create 3D stuff for VFX or other CG Motion Graphics I can serve you with that as well. Have fun reviewing my website! If you like what I'm doing then please do not hesitate to contact me for hiring purpose.

Random Artworks from my Realtime 3d gallery

PBR study for sketchfab

Created for fun and for testing my PBR shading skills. Later on it was licensed by Fracture Labs for use as a royality asset in their upcoming multiplayer survivel RPG "Decimated".




A task from the CEO of Fracture Labs for their upcoming multiplayer survivel RPG "Decimated".

Hover Police Car

Created for Fracture Labs "Decimated" in Mid-Core style.